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COMING - June 28-29, 2014 - Exclusive Live
Web Cast - "Secret Space Program" - updates


STATUS OF EXISTING LIVE BROADCAST - next live broadcast June 28-29, 2014 to the right - green shaded box would indicate a good stream, gray no live streaming and red would indicate stream problems - In case we drop the broadcast stream we'll bring it back-up as soon as possible, but it might be necessary to restart and refresh your player. We usually experience very little down time and almost all of our previous broadcasts have been sustained from well over twelve hours to thirteen hours at a time.



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Stream 1

Stream 1

We are going live at approximately 5:30 pm PDT - contributors will be provided call in number, talk to us express your opinions ask us a question - direct LIVE!

this is not the main program stream - one can find that at
check out the main program stream! 
This site will be broadcasting live interviews with several of the featured speakers at the
Secret Space Program - Conference being held in San Mateo on June 28-29, 2014 - we
will be providing close up interviews during the lunch and Dinner breaks! 


LIVEONLOCATION.TV - Presents an Exclusive LIVE WEB CAST Special!
If you can't attend this rally, you can watch this live updates only here by registering below!


Click on The Donate Button Below in far left Blue Box to begin the process of registering for the this - Live webcast
The donate button will be active 24 hours before the event!


CALL INTO PROGRAM - all contributors will have a chance to call into the program - the call in number will be provided to each contributor

Secret Space Program - will be two days of up-close interviews from 9:00 am til til 9:00 pm both days - these interviews will be broadcast during the Lunch and Dinner breaks - this is not the Conference main stream -  to view these interviews a $10.00 contribution is suggested but any amount is welcomed, to continue the process, to view these interviews - then after pressing the donate button inside the orange box and making your contribution then on the next page you will need to press Return to Green City Network inside the orange box  then that action will take you the Broadcast Page - The Broadcast page and Donate Button will be active 24 hours before the event -  BE SURE TO BOOKMARK THE BROADCAST PAGE - everything over expenses of will go to the event sponsors - payments will processed by paypal and Green City Network




PROGRAM SCHEDULE - subject to change

Saturday June 28, 2014:   Lunch Break - 12:00-13:00 PDT   -  Dinner Break - 17:30-19:00  PDT

Sunday June 29, 2014:     Lunch Break - 12:00-13:00 PDT   -  Dinner Break - 17:30-19:00  PDT